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Latest Changes
20th April 2015 Replaced the application form with the 2015 form.
14nd April 2015 Added or updated every group's page.
13nd April 2015 Updated the computer group's page and added a downloadable Excel calendar of this year's regular events.


The Maldon & District U3A was launched in May 1998 and has flourished into an enthusiastic group of some 400 members.   There are currently vacancies so If you would like to join then please contact the Membership Secretary, Alan Clarke, 01621 828093 or email here:   Maldon U3A Membership Secretary

We have a meeting with a guest speaker usually on the 3rd Monday of each month in the Wickham Bishops Village Hall, see the link to "Meeting Place Directions" above. The doors open at 1.30pm for a 1.45pm start.

There are about 40 activity groups available which are held in Membersí houses, various halls and rooms in Maldon. They are all self-regulating and self-funding and their aim is to provide a forum for informed discussion, to develop a practical skill or enjoy a leisure activity in the company of others. Members are encouraged to form new groups on whatever subject that takes their fancy. Each group must provide its own co-ordinator and venue etc.

Click here to see a calendar of our events this year. This list is indicative only. All meetings are subject to change, and there are other visits and one-off events which are not shown.

Membership is £20.00 for the year, 1st May 2015 - 30th April 2016. You may download an A4 PDF version of the Application Form by clicking here.

An excellent Newsletter is published each month, e-mailed to those who are on e-mail. For those who are not, printed copies are given to members who attend the monthly meeting or posted to those who were absent.

Our Computer group has produced a special Excel calendar which will enter the main monthly meetings and the meetings of the groups you attend, plus your own personal events and reminders. To download the calendar, click here to go to their page, which opens in a new window.

Monthly Meetings at Wickham Bishops Village Hall

The doors open at 1.30pm for a 1.45pm start.

Wickham Bishops Village Hall
Wickham Bishops Village Hall taken before June 2012.

Wickham Bishops Village Hall
Wickham Bishops Village Hall taken June 2012 when 2 stacks of Solar Panels appeared.
Note the queue before 1.30pm.

January 2015 - Magic Evening in Maldon Town Hall.

As if by Magic the Social Committee arranged an Evening of Magic on January 28th when 10 Magicians turned out in the cold to entertain us.

Ron Aldi was the Compere for the evening and told us a bit about who they were and where they were from.   He then allocated one Magician to each table.

As every table had a different Magician I can only comment on what happened on my table - until others contribute their experiences.

Alan was first to us on Table 8 and he was great with a pack of cards.   He could make a chosen card appear in the most unusuaul places - disappear - again - how do they do it?

January Evening of Magic January Evening of Magic
Alan with his cards.   Mike is choosing a card.

January Evening of Magic
How did he know that? The cards in the hands of Carol.

A stage act involved Mary Bird sportingly agreed to be on stage along side another U3A Member who was the musical director.   It was more a game of confusion than magic but had everyone on their seats.

January Evening of Magic
The "Musician", left, Richard centre and Mary right.

When the act finally completed a good round of applause was justified.

A break was introduced when a very nice Ploughmans Meal was served by the Social Committee.

Afterwards Ron Aldi appeared at our table with a variation of the spivs "3 Card Trick" - no wonder the American Tourists are fleeced in London.   There was no way we could work out which card was next!

January Evening of Magic

January Evening of Magic
Ron Aldi with a small jug which could hide balls - produce balls and at the end even produce a huge green monster ball - there was NO-WAY that fitted into the jug - but it did.

Next was the turn of David on the stage to do a Spelling Test from the front to the back of the hall - an 8 letter word was chosen by a U3A Member while David at the front prompted for letters which made up the word - after 10 minutes of chearful banter the result was "Muffings" and so David did not have to hang himself - the rope was designed to break anyway!

January Evening of Magic
David on the stool about to hang himself!

Richard from Rayleigh was last on and confused everyone with his "New Trick from America".
He finished off his act by showing everyone how a red handkerchief turns into a white one and back again and to finish- a bi-coloured one!

January Evening of Magic
The Magician taking a Bow - very well done.

Thanks to the Social Committee for a great evening of food - company and Magic.

John Bowen.

Future Monthly Meetings

3rd Monday in the Month Maldon U3A meet in the Village Hall at Wickham Bishops
Monday 20th April 2015. "The Man Who Discovered Beatrix Potter"
By Andrew Wiltshire.
Andrew will talk about his family connections to Leslie Linder, the man who Ďdiscoveredí Beatrix Potter by spending nine years breaking the code she used in her private journal.
Monday 18th May 2015. "The Wandsmen of St. Paulís Cathedral"
by Patrick Wilkins .

Social Activities, Outings and Events

This list is especially useful for the organizers of other events so that outings don't clash.
Please give your fullest support, these events are for fun and are not to raise funds.
If you have any suggestions for other events please let any of the Social Committee know.

Further details, lists and tickets will be available closer to the date.

Date Activity
2015 Event
Wednesday 15th April Talk on Bethnal Green - London Walks & Talks.
27th to 29th April Flanders - Lest we Forget - Local History Group.
24th to 27th May 4 Day trip to Liverpool -"The Three Queens" - Martime.
Thursday 11th June Visit to the British Library and Temple Church - Plantagenet.

Please Note: The above events may change - consult the Monthly Magazine and your Group Leaders.

For information on past outings, click here. The page opens in a new window.

Activity Groups

Click on a group's name to see more details. Note: You must be a member of the U3A before you can join any group or attend any function.

Bird Watching (the feathered variety!)
Botany & Trees Group
Bridge for the curious
Family History
French Conversation
Just Jazz
Local & General History
London Walks & Talks
Luncheon Groups
Music Appreciation
New Friends
Petanque (Boule)
Scottish Country Dancing
Singing For Pleasure
Table Tennis
Ten Pin Bowling
Theatre Outings
Wine Groups
Writing for Fun

Group Contact Telephone number: 01245 225657

After becoming a member of Maldon U3A, you will receive a booklet with each of the group co-ordinators' contact details etc.

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