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The Maldon & District U3A was launched in May 1998 and has flourished into an enthusiastic Group of 400 Members maximum.   Our U3A membership of 400 is now full and we have a waiting list which, at the moment, is short.
The contact is the Membership Secretary, Alan Clarke, 01621 828093 or E-Mail at:-

They have a meeting with a guest speaker usually on the 3rd Monday of each month, now in the Wickham Bishops Village Hall, see the link to "Meeting Place Directions", above.
The doors open at 1.30pm for a 1.45pm start.

There are about 40 activity groups available which are held in Membersí houses, various halls and rooms in Maldon. They are all self-regulating and self-funding and their aim is to provide a forum for informed discussion, to develop a practical skill or enjoy a leisure activity in the company of others.

Members are encouraged to form new groups on whatever subject that takes their fancy. They must provide their own co-ordinator and venue etc.

Membership is £19.00 for the year, 1st May 2014 - 30th April 2015.

You may down-load an A4 PDF version of the Application Form by clicking here

Membership Secretary: Alan Clarke, Contact 01621 828093.

An excellent Newsletter is published each month, sent to those who are on E-Mail, given to Members who attend the Monthly Meeting or otherwise it is posted to their home.   That is service!

Monthly Meetings at Wickham Bishops Village Hall

The doors open at 1.30pm for a 1.45pm start.

Wickham Bishops Village Hall
Wickham Bishops Village Hall taken before June 2012.

Wickham Bishops Village Hall
Wickham Bishops Village Hall taken June 2012 when 2 stacks of Solar Panels appeared.
Note the queue before 1.30pm.

Monthly Monday Meetings

3rd Monday in the Month "Maldon U3A meet in the Village Hall at Wickham Bishops"
Monday, 21st April 2014. "Easter Monday and so NO Meeting this Month"

Photographs and Report of the March 2014 Meeting

Mr. Martyn Lockwood gave an interesting talk on the assasins of the early eighteenth century.

Wickham Bishops Village Hall
Mr Lockwood.
Photo by David Bolwell
In those days arsenic was freely available at the local chemists and was even recommended to the ladies to improve their complexion.

Having no taste and only detectable (in those days) by a complex autopsy it was a favourite means of getting rid of ones adversaries.   Essex had a notorious reputation for killers in that period.

Wickham Bishops Village Hall
The Guardian, March 22, 1851.
Photo by David Bolwell
Eventually the sale of arsenic to the general public was banned.

Report and photos by David Bolwell.

Photographs and Report of the 2014 January Meeting

Whilst the Co-ordinators were updating the meeting about the next activities the microphone stand collapsed but was caught by John who followed it to the floor.
To the amusement of the meeting he updated the activities of the Music Appreciation Group while still on the floor.

Wickham Bishops Village Hall
John Skuse updating the meeting about Music Appreciation group.

After a short break William Tyler presented his talk about Scotland's Referendum on 18th September 2014.   He produced a thought provoking discussion on many pionts of why Scotland may want to separate from England.

Wickham Bishops Village Hall
William Tyler in full flow!

The Scottish argument being led by First Minister, Alex Salmon who with the SNP has pinned high hopes on the "Yes" Vote.
William felt that at this time the vote will be "No" but wished to come back in 100 years to see what really happened.

He was thanked by the Chairman for providing such a thought provoking discussion and answering the many questions with such authority.

Social Activities, Outings and Events

This list will be updated soon to be especially useful for the organizers of other events so that we don't clash.
Please give your fullest support, these events are for fun and are not to raise funds.
If you have any suggestions for other events please let any of the Social Committee know.

Further details, lists and tickets will be available closer to the date.

Date Activity
2014 Events  
Wednesday 23rd April 2014 "Posh Frock Do" - Social
Thursday 27th May 2014 Walk and Talk at Galleywood Heritage Centre - Local History Group.
Thursday 10th July 2014 Summer Picnic - Social Committee.
1st to 4th July 2014 4 Day Trip to South Coast & Isle of Wight - Gardeners.
Monday 28th July 2014 Guided Walk from Dedham to Flatford - Local History Group.
Monday 22nd September 2014 The White Cliffs and Walmer Castle - Local History Group.
Friday 17th October July 2014 Beetle Drive - Social Committee.
Thursday 20 November 2014 "Call my Wine Bluff" - Social Committee.
Please Note The above events may change - consult the Monthly Magazine and your Group Leaders.

Activity Groups

Click on those underlined to see more details.
All Links "Open in a New Window".

Bird Watching, (the feathered variety!)
Botany Group
Elizabethan Age
Family History
French Conversation
German conversation and culture
Local History
Just Jazz
London Walks & Talks
    Luncheon Club
Musical Appreciation
New Friends
General Outings
Petanque (Boule)
Scottish Country Dancing
Sing For Pleasure
Table Tennis
TenPin Bowling
Wine Group 1/2'3
Writing for Fun

Group Contact Telephone number 01245 225657

Booklet is available from the Group Contact with full details of venue and times etc.

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