Maldon U3A

Wine Groups

Groups One & Two
Group co-ordinator: Graham Boswell
Time: Group 1 on the 1st Wenesday each month.
          Group 2 on the 4th Wednesday each month.
Place: Members' houses.

Both wine groups have continued to have informative and interesting meetings concerning the wonderful world of wine. The groups finished off our topic on the wines of South Africa. Group One is now focusing on the different regions of Australia, whilst Group Two are looking at France.

Other presentations gave us wines from Portugal, England, Hungary and even Japan, amongst others.

Wine is a fascinating subject, and we all enjoy learning about it. Isn't that what U3A is all about?

Wine Group Three
Group co-ordinators: Mary Burd and Paul Costa
Time: 4th Thursday each month.
Place: Members' houses.

This group was formed in 2013. Members take it in turns to host and do a presentation on wines of their choice. The group is currently at maximum as we meet in membersí houses and are therefore limited with space!

During 2016 we organised a five day visit to the Loire Valley for our group and other U3A members which was very successful. Our summer event was a bring and share champagne lunch and our Christmas meeting was again held as a social evening, this time with a Chinese takeaway meal. Members of our group are joining up with a local wine group and holidaying in the Bordeaux region in 2017.

Wine Group Four
Group co-ordinator: Ann Goody
Time: 4th Tuesday each month at 7:30pm.
Place: Members' houses.

This wine group started in mid-2014 due to demand that could not be satisfied by the other three wine groups. However, it too is nearly full. We take a less formal approach than the first three groups. We meet in membersí houses and the host(s) decides what form the meeting will take. Suffice to say we drink, and talk about, a lot of wine; an endlessly fascinating subject worthy of serious study.

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Last revised 17th January 2017