Maldon U3A

Writing for Fun Group

Group co-ordinator: Pete Norman. Contact: Patrick Forsyth
Time: 4th Wednesday each month at 1 - 4pm.
Place: Members' houses.

We are a small but dedicated group of writers who enjoy creative work of many kinds. The most frequently produced is the short story: perhaps humour, mystery, ghost, historic etc. of about 1000 words, this being a suitable size to allow each person to read aloud at our meeting. We also write non-fiction, autobiography, poetry and plays.

Each year we choose a new programme of titles, each of which can be widely interpreted, as its aim is to encourage and inspire, rather than to constrict in any way. The writing is composed at home and brought to our monthly meeting, where each member in turn reads his/her writing aloud. There are never two pieces remotely alike and all are much enjoyed. Each one is commented on by fellow writers, with suggestions, if necessary, for enhancement. This year we will also continue to explore methods for publication and, some of us, more ambitious projects such as writing a full book.

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Last revised 14th April 2018