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Computer Group

We are group of veteran computer users and feel that we would like to help members who have a basic knowledge and wish to advance in Word, Spreadsheets and email. or are struggling with making sense of them. Contact us if you would like to join. Bring your laptop if you have one.

Group co-ordinator: Jan Robertson
Time: 4th Thursday each month except July, August and December 2 - 4pm.
Place: West Maldon Community Centre - Linton room.

In the picture alongside, one of the group's members is demonstrating how to use MS PowerPoint to give a slide show. We have a digital projector, so everyone can see what is being discussed or demonstrated.

Most of each meeting is a general discussion in which members can raise anything that they have found which may be of interest to others, or problems which they want advise on. The building has Internet access, so we can project images from a browser on the screen.

Computer Group

Diary/Calendar to Download

If you have Microsoft Excel installed on your PC, then you can download this Diary / Calendar workbook to keep track of both your personal appointments and your Maldon U3A meetings. It's a perpetual calendar which has special facilities to enter regular weekly, fortnightly, monthly and annual events.

  1. After downloading the workbook, use Windows Explorer to move it to the folder where you will use it.
  2. Open the workbook and read the "Introduction" sheet.
  3. Read the "User Guide" sheet.
  4. Go to the "Set-up" sheet and enter the file-name you want to give the workbook and details for any back-up file which you want to be created automatically when you save and close the workbook.
  5. Go to the "Diary" sheet, right-click the mouse and select the bottom item on the menu "Go to Regular Events section".
  6. You will see all the Maldon U3A events in sections according to which week in the month that they occur. Select a cell in the row for a group that you go to and click on one of the "Copy" buttons. That event will be entered on each applicable date in the diary above.
  7. Repeat the process for each of the other events that you go to (not forgetting the main monthly meeting on the 3rd Monday each month).
  8. Look through each month and delete any events which will not take place (e.g. those on Christmas Day).
  9. Add any personal regular events in the appropriate section in the Regular Events section then click on one of the "Copy" buttons to copy each in turn to the diary.
  10. Enter any one-off events in the diary.

You can print the diary in several formats:

  • You can print the diary entries in full for a particular month by clicking on the button alongside each month heading (e.g. 'Print January').
  • If you select any cell in a month, then click on the "Copy month to calendar" button at the top of the Diary sheet, that month will be copied to the Calendar sheet, which displays the month on an A4 landscape sheet. If you want it to also display each event's time, enter "Yes" in the yellow cell at the top of the Calendar sheet and copy it again from the diary.
  • You can print the event titles for a month in A4 portrait by selecting any cell in that month then clicking on the "Copy month to grid" button at the top of the Diary sheet. You can then edit the text if necessary to make the grid to fit onto one sheet of paper. To assist this, you can enter "No" in the yellow cell on that sheet in answer to the question "Show 6th week?". In this case, the 30/31st of the month will be shown in the top row if they would otherwise be in a 6th week row. After changing the selection, copy the month again from the Diary sheet.

Always save the workbook by clicking on the "Save and Close" button at the top of the Diary sheet.

Click here to download the workbook.

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Last revised 4th April 2015