Maldon U3A - Tiptree Garden 2007

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Jan Robertson organises a series of outing to various gardens. This visit was to Mave Studholme's garden at Tiptree in April.

These pictures record the event. Thanks to Mave (and neighbours) for making us so welcome & providing us with tea and home made cakes.

The garden
Mave & neighbours had decked the gardem with seats, tables & sun brollys.

Looking the other way
A view looking the other way

Unfortunately, Mave has a number of visiting cats which love to leave their calling cards! The doll is just one attempt to scare them off the Herb Garden.

Plant Swap Area

This area was set aside for the Plant Swap - out of the sun.
The nice thing about a Plant Swap is that one can be adventuresome - if it lives, great but if it dies - no matter, it did not cost 30! In reality, most are well hardy and live.

Long Garden
Nice photo taken near the bottom of Mave's long garden - we all marvelled at how big it was & how well kept it was. We all hoped Mave had not strained herself preparing it for us - but it was appreciated.

Side front garden
Front, side gardem made by Mave from bricks
and shale from the builders merchant.

Front garden
Right in the front garden, Mave looking at the camera (left) explaining what she had done, year by year.

Front Garden
        Mave could be saying "It was only this big when I started out!

Thank you Jan & the Gardening Committee for arranging such a pleasent afternoon. The weather was kind to us as well.

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Maldon U3A 2007
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