Maldon U3A - October Plant Swap - Bicknacre

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The final outside activity of 2009 in the Gardening calendar is a Plant Swap.

This year it was in the house of Group Leader, Jan in Bicknacre.
The day for forecast as being rain with wind but it cleared up for the afternoon and a large number turned up.

Jan had turned her garage into a Garden Centre.

Plant Swap
The Garage spread out with plants.
Photographs by John Bowen

Plant Swap
                          Brisk trade

Plant Swap
A nice "Mother-in-Law's tongue.

Plant Swap

        A lovely tree in Jan's garden taken from the road.

Plant Swap
A Shoemac Tree, also in Jan's garden.

Plant Swap
      Jan (left) making the all important tea.

Plant Swap
The table AFTER many of the delicious cakles had been eaten.

Plant Swap

        The Maldon U3A Gardening Group enjoying
        looking at our Host's good work.
        You can see the rain on the table and chairs.

Thank you Jan & the Gardening Committee for arranging such a pleasent afternoon.
The weather was kind to us in the end.

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