Maldon U3A - Cockney Pride Social Evening - 2010

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From time to time the Social Committee organise special events evenings - this was their second with the Cockney Pride group from London.
The first was in June 2005 - does'nt the time fly!

Many of the guests dressed up in the Cockney tradition.
Photographs by John Bowen

The evening started with Chairman Alan Buck welcoming everyone and saying that it was nice to have Cockney Pride back - Fish & Chips would be served later.

The Cockney Pride appeared on stage dressed as Pearly Kings & Queens but supporting musical instruments.   We had as before John on Guitar & vocals; Mario on Keyboard and Flute, Clarinet & Saxaphone.   Last time we had Natalie but this time we had Sue as the Vocalist.

The famous Cockney Pride band

They started with a rousing selection of songs including all the standard Cockney songs about London.

Close-up of Sue singing a Cockney song        

The large audience enjoyed singing along with Cockney Pride, some of the songs had not been heard for many years.

                U3A Singing their hearts out

Close-up of Mario playing here the Saxaphone


    Group waving flags given out by Cockney Pride

        Singing at the back


                Having a good old sing-song

        Singing at the back


John in full sale - how does he remember all the words?

                Here comes the Fish and Chips!

          Tucking in to their Fish and Chips

  Having a nice Waltz                         

Sue leading the Conga

                        Tail end of the Conga

U3A singing Old Lang Syne                
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