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Past Social Events - French Evening 2006

Saturday, 25th February 2006, French Evening in the Maldon Town Hall.

Greeting group
Part of the Organising Committee greeting the invited U3A Members
Photographs taken by John Bowen

French Ladies

"French Ladies" welcoming their guests

Tony Mandara with his table Jan with her table

Tony Mandara with his table (left) & Jan Robertson with her table.
Note the French Table Cloths.

What are they all looking at? Well after a typical French meal the evening
continued with a String Trio playing music made popular by Stephan Grappelli,
the French Jazz Violin Player.
Music included that by Fats Waller, George Gershwin, Duke Ellington and Django Reinhart.

Mike Piggott Trio on stage

Mike Piggott Trio on stage

Trio - close-up
Trio, close-up.
(Left to right) Mike Piggott, Violin - Jez Cook, Jazz & Rock Guitar - Peter Morgan, Double Base.
In this picture, Mike is playing an old Jazz Violin modified
with a trumpet to amplify the sound in a recording studio.

Jean Aryiss, Pauline Bowen & ????? Ken Cocks & Alf Couldrey

U3A Members during the interval

Beryln with Boule notice on her back. Tour De France & a French Sailer

U3A Members during the interval

Dual playing Jazz
After the Interval the band played different variations using their
individual expertise. This included solos & duals.

A jolly good eveng's entertainment. Thanks to the Social Committee headed by Babara & David Arnold for organising it.

If you attended the evening with a bright red coat, please see if it fits properly as someone in error took Pauline Bowen's longer sleeved, shorter bodied & slightly brighter one!
She has yours.

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