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Anglesey Abbey Coach Outing with Great Baddow & Galleywood U3A.

Pauline Bowen organized a Coach Outing to Anglesey Abbey, The Lode Mill & Gardens, Cambridge and invited Maldon U3A Members to join the party.

An Air Conditioned, Lodges Coach provided transport.

The entrance fee to the Gardens and House was 5.40 but National Trust Members gained entrance free.

Anglesey Abbey.
Anglesey Abbey.


On 26th August, 46 Great Baddow and Maldon U3A Members boarded the coach for Anglesey Abbey, Cambridgeshire.    On arrival we could not wait to explore the beautifully kept grounds with sculptured hedges and huge fir trees sweeping down to lush green lawns - it was quite a sight to see on one of the better days in August.

We made our way along the paths to a brilliant display of red and gold Dahlias, enhanced with statues of Greek gods.

The Abbey itself was packed with the Fairhaven collection of furnishings, clocks and paintings by famous artists - a small self-portrait by Canaletto showed a self assured young man.    A unique painting in the Library of King Henry VIII at the tender age of 25 also caught my eye.

At 3 o'clock we passed a very tall Grandfather Clock, which amazed us by chiming the National Anthem - evidently a different tune is played each day at 3.

Perhaps the most unusual feature in the house was a darkened bedroom, which contained 6 large paintings. Each painting featured a moon in a night sky, often-reflected on water.    Several members of the Pether family painted these pictures, all in a similar style, giving an eyrie effect.

Coming out into the sunlight again, we made our way along the canal to the Lode Mill where we purchased flour and oatmeal, ground at the Mill.

After a welcome cup of tea at the Restaurant we boarded our coach to be driven safely back to Great Baddow to end a lovely day.    My thanks to Di Angel for all her assistance.

Report by Pauline Bowen, Organiser.

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